About the forest terrace

What is a forest terrace?

“Mori no Terrace” is an open garden operated by Shigeo Yamada ‘s home office. It is a mountain village in Kitaakita, northeast of Akita Prefecture. Close to natural heritage such as Shirakami Mountains, Lake Towada, and Mt. Moriyoshi, it is a land rich in nature with many waterfalls and hot springs.

There is a landscape of “ordinary, Japanese countryside without any change”. However, it can be said that it is a “landscape with a proof that people have lived in close contact with nature”. Mountain forests, swamps, fields, rice fields, ponds … Satoyama’s nature is about 26 ha. There are a variety of animals and plants that are now precious .

Now we have created a space that is friendly to nature and friendly to humans . Nature is preserved as much as possible so as not to destroy the ecosystem. Yet, for those who also cozy, I want to create such a place. “Akitamori Terrace” is open to the visitors and locals from outside while managing the area as a personal “garden” and doing “fine care” .

If you  can bring this landscape to life through playing in the mountains and taking care of it together . If more people like this land.
In this way, if everyone can work together to protect this environment.




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